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Character Name: Kanako Yasaka
Canon: Touhou Project

Canon Background:

AU Background:
Back in the days of yore, Kanako was a highly-regarded and influential goddess of wind and rain. However, like many gods, she was pushed out of the public eye by the advent of the Church of the Crystal King. Knowing she couldn't compete with the King at the time, and facing annihilation, Kanako put herself into something like a self-imposed hibernation. The circumstances of her revival would be the dawning of an era where the power of the Crystal King was faltering.

Eons later, Dagaria fell apart with the death of the emperor. Chaos consumed much of the realm, and many people who had until then had a simple view of the world began to see that things were more complicated than they had believed. There was no one true ruler of the world. The future was unclear, as was the Crystal King's plan. Doubt spread like wildfire.

And into this doubt, Kanako Yasaka, God of Wind and Rain, returned to the world. A few flashy displays of divine power later, she had herself a steadily growing group of followers (some might call it a cult) in Niraid. Power base established, it was time to pay the capital a visit...

Kanako is a goddess, and accordingly follows different rules of existence than humans. Her existence and power are tied to the faith she gets from her supporters, which affects much of how she thinks. Kanako plays up her position as a god with all the bombast and drama it requires and more. She likes to make dramatic entrances, and seldom lets someone forget what they're dealing with. After all, the more people are aware of her divinity, the more they'll be inclined to become her followers.

That being said, Kanako has a decidedly different viewpoint from most gods, although one may not notice it at first. She does the same "foolish mortal" style bombast as other gods, but it's a PR face - Kanako is first and foremost an entrepreneur. She treats religion like a business, with faith as its profits and other gods as her competitors. She's also willing and capable of using all the dirty tricks that come along with that. She'll haggle, negotiate, bribe, compromise... whatever it takes to maximize faith. Lesser gods in her region may find themselves on the receiving end of a hostile takeover, but when more threatened, she'll try to talk her way into a mutually beneficial alliance.

As either the cause of the result of this outlook, Kanako is a very frank god. She's easier for mortals to relate to than some, since she's willing to set aside the high-and-mighty talk when necessary. She enjoys many of the same passtimes as humans (especially beer), and makes herself much more available for discussion than usual. It is speculated that this is because she was a human before she was a goddess, but she's tight-lipped on her origin story. That being said, she loves regaling people with stories of the Olden Times, getting drunk as hell, and generally being the center of attention.

While she gives the impression of being very lighthearted and easygoing sometimes, Kanako is perfectly aware of how precarious her position is. This is a world of many gods, few of whom tolerate their rivals. Especially with the church still in power (who she's never quite forgiven for their past transgressions), she's going to need to make a serious impression to cling to her power base. At the heart of her cunning, her unusual business sense, and her overbearing presence is an unspoken, barely-acknowledged quiet desperation.

Combat Style:
Kanako doesn't do much of direct combat, prefering to loom over the battlefield and use oversized magical attacks that properly express her divine status. She has a wide variety of magic and miracles at her disposal, including the spontaneous generation and hurling of enormous pillars, and conjuring streat torrents of water or even commanding the shape of the battlefield itself. She wields no weapon, so if someone can break through her defenses and reach her body, a well-placed blow could force her to disapparate and withdraw from the battle - however, truly killing her would have to involve severing her from her source of faith.

Kingdom or Faction: None (waiting on the Religion system's implementation)

Primary Role: God

Tarot Cards: Wheel of Fortune, Hierophant, Magician

Title: God of Wind and Rain, Avatar of Mountains and Lakes

Artifacts: N/A

Setting Considerations: N/A

Notes: If Cerberus is REALLY anti-religion, to the point of outlawing it in Rome, I may move her base province to Ibenna.

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